Monday, August 9, 2010

fast forward

. . . after a six-month slumber, i have stumbled upon this blog. . .

I have forgotten all about it. My plan of documenting every detail of my trials and triumph was set aside. But as i read through my first blog, i can't help but smile and contemplate as to why I have decided to write on it in the first place. . . i am no longer entertaining the thought of becoming a freelance writer, I will still be writing though no longer for profit since I can no longer afford it with my work and all, maybe someday with a big IF.

I am a really busy girl, juggling my work, family and school (yup, I actually enrolled in law school just this sem) and a little bit of social life (just a teeny, weeny bit). It would be great to write about the things i am seeing, feeling and experiencing right the very minute it is occurring in my life.

and so. . .

. . . .i have decided to revive this blog .. .

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