Tuesday, November 3, 2009

. . .About Being a Newbie at Freelance Writing

I have only been a writer for profit for only two months now and I have realized that it is a great part time gig for somebody like me who has a lot of things to say and is actually passionate about writing. I have only started about blogging primarily to document everything that I am getting my hands on on the net. I will give my reviews along the way and some tips for stay at home moms and newbies who maybe are struggling with their writing gigs right now. Hopefully, i will be able to inspire and contribute towards your path of being a freelance writer extraordinaire!

The assignment from hell
I was really lucky enough during my first salvo in freelance writing, I have actually enrolled to a legit site! The first site which introduced me to freelancing was getafreelancer.com and I would be forever grateful for the initiation that I have gone through. Well, to make the short story long, after a day of enrollment in getafreelancer, I was totally ecstatic and could not thank my lucky stars enough for I was hired on the spot by my first employer. The assignment was to transcribe an audio file--an hour and 18 minutes long. Hey! I thought that would be an awfully easy job. He was so understanding and gave me the whole day to do it. Hetold me to make necessary changes and adjustments to make it understandable. I said what the heck, I could do it in 3 hours tops, transcribing is part of my job at the office. And so there I was thinking that I could make a quick buck for that day.

And so, the audioh file was sent to me. As I istened on the file, I realized that the person was talking gibberish. Gosh! He was talking nonsense and I do not understand a thing at all. I painstakingly listened word for word. Ten hours later, I have only transcribed half of the file. My employer was already pressuring me, telling me he will lose the client yadi yadi yada if I do not comply on time. I was only an outsource of an outsource. I was on alot of pressure!

So, at the end I finished the job, did alot of fixing up, researching and editing for the whole file. I did a pretty decent job--it looked like a prime ebook about how to invest in real estate, it only lacks a great cover. I was even tempted to copyright it for myself! But I know it would not be unethical to do so and even if I did alot of editing on it, it was still not my content.

I gave the finished transcription to my employer, ready to get my hard earned freelancing money at $3 per hour. I did the whole job for 18 hours, so I am entitled to a little less than $60, not bad at all.

Here is the best part-my employer awarded me a whopping $4 for the whole thing! He gave me an extra $1 for a great job.

The moral of the story?
Well the moral of the story is to never let yourself be manipulated like that! After a few weeks, I tried searching for the title of of my transcribed article. There I saw it--actually an ebook worth Rs. 898.00 about $20. Phew! And a great seller one at that too.

But looking back at the incident, about how I was laughed at (yes, I was laughed at, especially by my sister and husband!) I could not help it but be proud of myself. I did not quit on the job. I finished it no matter what. I did not lose my temper. I took everything in because I knew that I was a newbie. And it actually made me a better writer, less naive, more experienced! It paved the way to more worthy projects that I enjoy doing. It was worth it and I am glad I continued on believing and still worked hard in finding jobs as a freelancer.

What happened to my employer? Well, he kept on buzzing for a little while, coaxing me to do more jobs for him. Offering more pay. I just politely declined his offers and moved on.